Photography 11 years
Web Design 10 years
Graphic Design 8 years
Videography 7 years

Others about us

We are a team of young, creative and ambitious people, who have the necessary knowledge and work dedicatedly on each project in order to respond to your needs and contribute to the development of your visual identity in the best possible way.

Since January 2005, we have been trying to be recognized by providing our clients the best quality at the best price.

The services we provide include professional photography, graphic and web design, Facebook marketing, recording and editing of video materials.

The satisfaction and success of those we have worked with is the best testimony of our dedication and professionalism.

If you look at the list of references and talk to the people who have worked with us, you will realize what we can do and have done so far. Then you can contact us and see that we will also find the best solution for you and your business.

Aleksandar Rakić

Photographer and film director